is for me: the realization of the interconnectedness of all life while resting in our individual state of self awareness, being conscious of the energies around us and what we choose to express out of the sphere of all possibilities 

I could write some monumental clichés that would inspire you to start practicing which is the point actually, but I won’t. Everything  is 99% practice and 1% theory and I did enough of the philosophy part. No matter if you get into asana,pranayama, meditation or just lay out in the forest in chillout mode regularly: just do something and it will make you feel happier and healthier.

I have started this path 10 years ago and lots of changed during this time. The yogic culture today is not what it was ages ago. Regardless, without judgement: the original, authentic, basic and simple path still exists which is completely individual and own. What yoga is for me might be something else for you. For me, asana practice will always be a part of a complete fitness wellness program, but not only. Without the tight mental construct and overlays, yoga still shows a practical lifestyle guide in order to build up the basis for your physical life on which you can build further elements of your creations.

My personal favourite things to practice are  Vinyasa Flow styled free flowing asana sessions . and having the Hathorian sounds as my main mediation practices to refresh my subtle energy system. Easy simple and effective.