Female bodies, souls, energies, mental and emotional minds are different than that of males. No big surprise or news, right?

here, we focus on our hip and womb areas with circular movements, practice some selfcare through natural essences and massage, while sharing and holding a safe space where we can open up and find sisterhood,support and inspiration.

Instead of divided competition, jelaousy and the dark female archetpyes, we learn to trust each other, hold each others best interests at our hearts, who want to build each other up, instead of tearing down. There is enough for everyone.

At this point of space and time, Earth 2020, where the old physical and mental contructs of imbalanced patriarchy are crumbling, we need supporting sisterhoods more than ever. If we are to continue life on earth, we need the Heart, the Emotions and the Softness that is flowing more easily through women. Women are the giver of life, and Males are the Protectors of Life, or they should be. We need to make them remember their original role.

The Body, Sexuality, Children,Nature, Females,Males: need healing, clearing, bringing back into puritiy,dignity and sacredness in order to express higher principles that resonate with divine qualities, instead of the animalistic and dirty torture hells they have made here.

Women need to raise into leadership. They need to have at least equal voice in decisions, power structures and institutions, while keeping their real feminity, intuition, emotional intelligence and gentleness.

We need kindness, higher heart qualities and love of life in order to exist here like it  was in the original plan.



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