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Uttana Padasana


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Uttana Padasana



Series title


Series Description: 

When I fell in love with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice and I have been under my ashtanga teacher training, I’ve been gifted a drawing book after a long time of not making anything. Thus I started to fidget with asanas and forms, and finally, the entire Primary Sequence Series happened.

During this time, I was in the cliché naiv love and light phase of my yoga journey, that has already passed, but still: I am glad I had a phase like that and it was one of the best of my life so far.  This was also when I started with regular morningtime practice, which is one of the best things one can give to themselves. 

Picture description:

On the Ashtanga series, you will find one asana on one drawing, with the sanskrit name in various places as well. When I was  fulltime ashtanga practicioner, I really felt like I have a relationship with all the postures, or moreso, with the parts of my mind that were activating during the practice. Hope you will like them, I do!