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Fairy Queen


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Fairy Queen



Series title

Pristine Body Awareness

Series Description: 

I really, really like being in a female body and I really , really like beautiful human body shapes, female male as well.  In a clean way . By clean I mean pristine, pure. Not the raped and prostituted one. I really want the present Mysgonystic, Women Body Filthing, Advertising with sex and nakedness, pornography and prostitution running wild in mainstream media sickness to be eradicated once and for all for the sake of all of us. Men do not benefit from girls being sexualized in advertisement. Girls do not like being wanted to fuck in a dirty and below-animalistic barbaristic way. This is far from elegant, respectful, or divine. Love respect dignity and some sort of higher octave should and will be the norm to be expressed when it comes to the theme: Our Bodies.

Picture description:

Our physical body is surrounded by, layered in, permeated by, built on, nested in, integrated with, so, in one world = our physical body is an amazing geometric lightshow on the energetic level that responds to thought feeling fantasy and emotion. Start meditating, use some herbs, use your subtle senses and you will see and feel it too.