I am Petra.  Presently living at Budapest, Hungary. As far as titles and profession go: I am sort of a Natural Health Coach, fusing elements of Movements, Massage, Nutrition and Life Lieading Tools.  My life revolvess around Creative Crafts, Yoga, Hiking, Nature, Music, Dance, Cats, and the Study of  The Body+ Mind + Soul.  I have been on this path of learning and teaching for ten years now and am Loving it a lot.

The methods on which  I build my classes, events, activities and life in general are: various disciplines of the Yogic Knowledge, Martial and DanceArts, Body Therapy Massages, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Routines and artistic activities like Aquarelle, or Textile Arts.  I am very much interested in natural building and gardening as well, and I am planning on gathering all these goodies in my life and in the Center I wish to create in the future.

2010 was a big Turning Point of my life. That is when I quit my Law studies in order to pursuit other areas of topics that are not so much mainstream. The things I think I have discovered and the opinions I am forming are quite out of the normal radar. Why? Because I am really caring, and curious, and want to know how everything, global systems are and what kinds of agendas and players are running the world. I have my own belief systems, unusual experiences and dreams, life projects and goals, both personal and ones  focused on others and the planet.

What I need though, is a Team. There are things I cannot do alone and need help with. I would like transparency, meaning people really knowing me and my directions with whom I am working towards similar goals based on shared values. I think in general we all want something same and basic: just life happily freely in abundance without being threatened or imprisoned in any ways. I believe in original human goodness and I consider the running ,system’ something different than us, meaning: It is not our fault. Still, even if we didn’t do all of these, the ones who can take responsibility in changing the destructive institutions and and directions, well: this is on every each one of us and I know how hard is to grow up mentally, emotionally, physically,  feel fear and confusion and alone when you do not know who you can trust really. So, a trustworthy circle of people is everything when it comes to realize dreams and manifest tangible positive changes here for all of us.

Besides my weird big thoughts and having the tendency to think abjout global things, I am no guru, no know it all, and am not the hero type. I really just want to live myself , simply and happily according to my own wishes and desires, while doing some service to others focused projects as well when time and energy allows.

My Life goal: A Healt-Art-Eco Living Center

when i was in my lets ask the big questions introvert phase, i also defined my main projects for my life. Thus, my firts milestone that is in focus now is a Land with a Team: I want to have a property with multifunctional buildings and spaces, where I can live and work while sharing a community with a small group of people. There are tons of examples we can learn from and get inspired by . check out this one: Rancho delicioso Costa Rica. the details are flexible and ever forming, and i am keeping an open eye for those who are working for similar lifestyle goals. if you are interested , please reach out in person. this dream of mine involves a great team indeed: skills + people + finances are the 3 keywords.

the place would serve as both a homebase, and a workingcreating area, where various  healthwellness / creativeprojects / organic farming / natural building / event facilitating wold be the menu, with several  collegues and contributors, functioning as a local gathering area for people who want to chill out, create or just do some garden work or carpentering.

the isolating, dirty and noisy citylife is not for me. i am still a simple little human girl who just wants to live in a cozy hut ,  listen to the birds and do yoga under her favourite tree and build firepits with her friends. simple, basic and natural. this is yes to life from my part.