Self practice.

Self knowledge.

Self Discipline.

The Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice is a completely individual self led style, where the Practicioner goes through the Ashtanga Sequence according to their level and pace alone in silence, while the Instructors are giving Hands On Adjustments only.

What When  Where Why 


We practice the Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Sequence, everyone at their own level where they are at with the series. You are encouraged to practice Your Pranayama before, and Your Meditation after the Asana Practice at Your Own Pace.



Monday Wednesday Friday from 6-8am.  according to the Practicioner Needs and Wishes. Since I am just opening my space up for a small numbered cozy class space, my plan is to have Mysore Ashtanga on weekday early mornings f there is interest and need, we can expand the times and dates.


at Loveyogaia Club, 5 minutes from Moszkva Square. Ask for exact location.  Cozy Homespace, shared with others for Practice.


Cause this Style of Asana Practices builds Strenght + Flexibility, as well as Discipline + Self Responsibility the Quickest and Most Effective. You are the Leader and the Master of Your Life, as Well as your Practice. The Original Intention of Yoga ( Self Awareness and Self Knowledge) is kept more Pristine and Clear here than with other types of practices.


Your Personal Practice


My Ashtanga Journey