Get Lighter + Release Resistance

Sometimes the Earth Show can be a bit hmm…frustrating, maybe, for a mild and sensitive soul. Post traumatic stress disorder is what we sort of have here collectively, and the saying goes true: inner peace first, before anything else. It’s an art in itself, so yes: please take care of your nervous system and remember the importance of balance between the fullpoweron and the regenerating phases.

The best and oldest way to stay still in the storm is simlpy just getting into your bodily sensations and listening to your breath. So simple and so forgettable. Having some nice musical addition helps as well just like the easy practices of using colour and form meditations. Health is much more easy to accomplicsh then what we were first taught here, and listening to the cycles and messages of your body + soul is all you need to know.

On these smooth and gentle sessions we use the ancient tools of yoga nidra,  ( aware sleepless deep state), we get to learn about our different brainwaves and how to tune into them, and pay special attention to our consious breath and tiny tingling sweet sensations.