lay back. curl up. stretch out.

Good old basic hatha yoga class with simple  and stabilizing postures held long enough for us to feel the melting of our muscles and the rythm of our breaths. Calming for the nervous system, relaxing for the body: a slow practice for maintining our center and groundesness.

Hatha yoga is basically the balance of the polarities in us. Left brain, right brain, active, passive, negative positive. In a world where Law of Polarity is one of the Universal Law, balance is found in the center point of the Neutral Observer. It is a way of keeping a chilloutish sanity in between unbearable depression or unimaginable ecstasy.

For the ,citydwellers’ relaxation and slowing down is probably the best remedy if one feels like being caught up in the squirrel wheel.  Slowing down and lettng us   take some deep breath works miracles and heals body and soul. So let it happen.