Earthy. Grounding Stabilizing.

Flowy. Fluid. Free.

Earthflow is a Vinyasa Yoga Style class where we mix long held deep work stabilizing and strenght building postures with the freedom and flexibility of the flowing vinyasa style practices, transorming staganation into fresh movement and ungroundedness into a deep connection with the Heart and Earth.

The wisdom of a vinyasa style practice is rooted in the synchronization of breath and movement. They are inseparable and when synced organically, the practice becomes intensely enjoyable and easy. We get to exist naturally sensing each of our tiniest particles and sensations and tuning in to the breath and aliveness of our own cells.

Earth is our Heart. Our Heart is Our Home. We exist on  possibily the most exquisitly beautiful planet in existence and the bare realization of this should be our source for instant gratitude, joy and celebration. We get to be here. We get to see our Earth. And we get to feel our Hearts. We are the most blessed beings alive and keeping this fact in   our awareness all the time can very well be the foundation of a happy and healhy life.






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