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Hi! I am Petra, with a Passion for the Health and Happiness of the Human Body + Mind and Soul, so this is what I can help you with: Feel Good and Empowered in your Skin and Life,using the methods of Yoga, Massage, Conscious Nutrition and Living.

Love. Respect.Self. Nature:  Is my basic guideline, supporting a Free Humanity based on Truth, Intelligence and the Protection of Nature and Us. My intention is to pass on my fondness for Arts, Dance, Earth and Movement to people so they can discover the joy of an inspired life.

Let’s Practice! 

Join me for a class of your choice and lets grow together with the art of movement

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Pick what you would like to do, practice or experience here,  or see at the with me section!

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handmade cosmetics + geometric art + crystal jewellry + others
let’s check it out

The Club

Come and join us for a small group class in a cozy and green surrounding in the center of Buda

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